We have a variety of levels of Tanning Beds. We offer the best in UVA and UVB tanning. We have Lay down Tanning Beds as well as stand up booth tanning machines… With Europe’s #1 rated lamp. We guarantee to get you the colour you want in is alittle as three tanning sessions.We make VitaminD3 here from UVB.

Here are just a few great reasons why you may want to consider coming to see us for a tanning session, Acne, SAD, Lupus, Psoriasis, Eczema, MS, VitaminD deficiency those are just to name a few. We also have a wide variety of Top of the line Tanning Lotions as well , we have something for everyone. We provide products from companies that have been in the tanning Industry such as Swedish Beauty, Designer Skin, Australian Gold, Hempz , jwoww just to name a few. So next time you’re going away on vacation , or doing a photoshoot, or wedding or simply have a special event and want some colour. Be sure to Chose Platinum Tanning Studio for all your tanning needs.